The Gentleman Proofreader

Hi, Andrew Flynn here. I am a working professional writer of over six years, producer of at least 1500 words a day. Every day. Pleasure to know you, because yes, you’re a writer too. It’s with this that I now extend a little of what I do to meet you along this creative path of ours.

For only seventy-five cents ($0.75 USD) per page*, I will proofread and edit anything you have written. I do not have restrictions on content. Whether it be a feature-length script, a novel, a class assignment, be rest assured that my attention to detail is unsurpassed by anyone in this profession. I’ll edit your work for you in a very short time period, and have it back to you in a much more pristine condition than its original form.

I accept payment exclusively through PayPal, Chase, and Wells Fargo…unless you’re in the Phoenix Metro area. Then we can meet in person or something of that nature. I come with references, so trying me out is no risk to you. Email me at [] and let’s make what you’ve already gotten down on the blank page that much more awesome.

Andrew Flynn {: )

*For the sake of this service, I am defining a page as 300 words or less, usually what you’d find on a double-spaced 8.5″ x 11″ page of A4 paper with a font size of 10-14. Specifics are important here so that there is no ambiguity to the services offered and rendered. I sincerely appreciate your visiting!


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