Flash Fiction: Date This Schizophrenic

Jessie seemed like a normal girl at the first and second glance. At least Mark appeared to think so. Turns out that a third glance was needed due to his inattention to detail from the first two.

She appeared to have a lot going for her. Lots of Facebook friends, multiple positive comments from status updates on a daily basis, a winning smile. And many out-and-about pictures highlighting her social life. Mark was sold. Who could really turn out to be anything different than their widely-viewed social networking profile? Logic wasn’t necessarily part of his thinking at the time.

Mark’s disposition was that he wanted to meet the right girl for the time being. Not the one to settle down with. Right now, anyways. Dating in the city wasn’t exactly easy when you have two jobs and family all over pulling from what could be viewed as every side. Mark was enamored with the fact he’d be having intelligent exchanges with a new female in his life who supposedly had some of it together.

Catastrophe. Between Jessie’s harangues about her parents’ impending custodianship of her from many alleged mental illnesses and her chemical dependency on Christian fundamentalism, her ride home with Mark ended with a scant chance at another rendezvous. It surely didn’t help the fact that while Mark sped quickly back to her residence, Jessie had verbal dialogues with herself and God Himself, a veritable buffet of the certain brand of crazy that keeps good bedfellows with textbook schizophrenia.

Driving away from whatever the hell that was, Mark felt relieved and saddened that he was back to where he was before meeting Jessie. From the night’s events, the former emotion weighed in at a three-to-one proportion against the latter.



7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Date This Schizophrenic

  1. A humorous take on what can be a delicate subject.
    Nicely put together, this story did make me smile, and the way it went full circle meant Mark just finished up where he started, a little wiser maybe, and probably a little more world-weary. 🙂

    I have to say that Schizophrenia can be a truly debilitating illness, and I would hope that anyone in Jessie’s condition would be able to get the help she needed to deal with her problems.

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