Trusty Thumbdrive Full of Productivity

It is you I love, you are trusty, you little 16-gigabyte Patriot thumbdrive. That I never got the damn rebate mailed in for. First world pains, I realize.

I can’t go anywhere without a thumbdrive. So much shit is on there having to do with life. It’s like a digital purse. All my scripts and notes and reams of what should be in an organized binder is in there. ¬†And yes, I have it backed up in two different places. Shoosh.

The writing week is going well so far. The 4th meeting I had with John went well. We’re establishing things quickly. The script won’t take long to write. It’s a microbudgeted film, so imagine what a normal movie would be like, and then make it more visually simple. This one’ll work because of the characters, premise, and situational dialogue. Going well.

Then tonight, I had a meeting with my other writing partner Mark that just wrapped up an hour ago…and it too was productive. We’re not doing the PG-13 version of the script after all. It was a nice idea, and I’m not saying I’ll never do it, but there has to be incentive. Not just some person saying “I want to make it more family-friendly”. That’s not backing up the request. Writing a script is the opposite of pulling out a prize from your box of morning breakfast cereal. Takes a lot of time and energy. Which I have none of right now.

Nora Ephron died today. Very sad, leukemia is a terrible way to go. Totally thinking of her and grateful she shared her talents with so many people in this life.

The sleeping pill is kicking in. I’m going to get nine hours of sleep tonight, that always does a body and brain good. Here I come, Dreamland.



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