I Want It to Get Louder

Mid-week entries are pretty hard to do. Ah fuck me, I really don’t care. This may end up just becoming a weekender thing. But I still love it.

June 14 was a long day. I had about 5 hours of sleep going into a day where I was to work a full day at my dayjob. Didn’t help, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. So after work, I met up with this John guy who has an idea or two about making a micro-budgeted film about the immigration situation here in Phoenix. It’ll have some serious social commentary and satire to it. He’s very concerned about the budget, and I’m totally not. I just want to make a great story that resonates with the movie-going public. And then some film festival-type people too. Maybe get a writing assignment or two out of it.

Since then, I’ve met with John again. We’re on the same page. Creative collaboration, multiple times a week. So I’m apparently not going to have to write this one alone, which’ll be a welcome change. Tomorrow night will be our next meeting, probably bat around ideas and story lines for an hour. Really wish I lived closer than him in Scottsdale and myself in Deer Valley. Them’s the breaks, and shit can’t be done about it at the moment.

My writing partner and I from a prior project, which is still going on, but to a lesser extent, are plowing through. Mostly to kill multiple commas in the same sentence. Because son of a bitch that was an awful sentence. Sorry. Stream of thought right now.

While that script is a hard R-rated one, we had a recommendation from a production company to tone it down. Now, they didn’t offer any other notes or preferences besides that, but that pretty much means “make it more marketable and PG-13, or we’re fucking done with you”. So that’ll take another few hours to do. Lots of adult situations and profanity to make more mild. We can do it though. We’re writers. We could turn it into a Disney movie if we wanted to and had that specific drive. All I know it, the WGA minimum is $90,000 for a feature-length script. Right now, I’ll dump a few scripted FUCKS and visible tits to coalesce it somehow into a paycheck.

That’s not selling out, by the way. That’s being a collaborative writer. Or at least I believe it is.



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