The Utter Sly Genius of One @JoshMalina…

Today’s one of the writing days I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Very much so.

At first, it didn’t seem like it was going to be eventful. Normal work, normal breakfast, normal dayjob stuff. Until lunchtime, which was about 230pm. I had gotten a random tweet from the actor Joshua Malina that stated I was the worst person on Facebook, with a link that sent me right to my page on it. I was amazed and shocked.

So I went into full damage control mode while being professional. I complimented Joshua Malina many times, as I had no ill-will toward him in the least. Earlier in the day, I mentioned him on Twitter based on some bad intel, but the two events proved only to be a coincidence.

So truthfully, I wasn’t being bagged on by the actor at all. He had discovered a way to have one link revert back to every individual recipient’s own Facebook profile page. Makes me wonder how many others thought they were being hammered by him. Oh well, I don’t care about those people in this circumstance.

About two hours later, after daydreaming of all the possible reasons that Joshua Malina may have it out for me, he shoots me a direct message on Twitter, explaining his sly genius. Makes total sense in retrospect. Cheers to him for having one over on all of us. I still want what I had daydreamed to come true. And maybe one day it will.

When I got home, my writing partner Mark had set up a Facebook fanpage for the script we have completed and are looking to sell. So we’ll have that to advantage now as one more portal into becoming writers who are represented and produced. We have the completed script which is now registered with the WGA, a working website, our friends and family all know of the script and premise, and I have an active Twitter feed of course mentioning it pervasively. One day soon this script will land in front of the right eyes, and it will be sold. I have total faith that this day will occur in the very near future. Good night from Deer Valley.



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