Lucid Nostalgia Including Female Nudity

Sunday morning, had a pretty lucid dream over night. They’re infrequent, so I want to get down much of it before it’s gone.

It was about ten years ago and I was in my early twenties. I was at some kind of larger party where many people and characters I would later run into in life were all there. Except they didn’t know me, which would make sense, because I hadn’t met them yet. I was a confidant, slightly cockier version of who I am today. And it got me in trouble.

I remember meeting my hair stylist of 7 years there. He was seemingly fresh out of Queens and had just moved to Arizona. He had his whole crew there, all in their mid-20s, or so it seemed. I did something to agitate them, and they didn’t kick my ass or anything, but had me tagged as an agitator and strongly warned me not to fuck with them.

Then, for some reason, was a very now-infamous Hollywood actress who will remain nameless here. She was just 20 years old herself here in this dream. She had no attitude and was more understanding and cool, but it was at the end of the night where we found ourselves together. Talking only, but she had removed her clothes in order to dive bomb down from a higher story of the house where the party was, justifying her nudity as making her more aerodynamic. So she shot herself down some kind of tube from the let’s call it 4th floor of the house and she made it down quickly. I came down it too, don’t remember how, but ended up at the bottom in the front of the house clothed and her not so much. I offered a blanket to her and we spoke a good ten minutes before another guy interrupted us. This guy was Louis from seasons 4-5 of 24. And he was all-New York and not famous at the time. He’s the kind of guy who seems more like your neighborhood plumber than a full-on actor. Of course he was New York and untrusting of me and who I was.

And who was I? A guy from Mesa, barely knew anything about life ten years ago, still in college. Beginning to figure it out. Like I said, this was a dream. I had also come across other smaller, more ancillary characters at this, let’s call it a house party, party. It was very cinematic, as I think people dream in the format of what they love as far as medium goes. If you read books a lot, you’re likely to have a narrative about you when you’re getting sleep. If you’re all-music, then your dreams will encounter you inside the wars between bass and treble clefs and everywhere in between. I love movies, and the structure of storytelling in movies. So this one and so many others have been like watching film. It’s fun to participate, and it’s ultimately a great source of writing. I don’t see last night’s dream yielding anything on blank pages in reality. However, it was a fun one to have. There was conflict, nostalgia, female nudity, attitude, and celebrities…hard to really ask for much more.

I’ll say this too. I used to go to house parties like this a lot back in college, and even in years after. Never did I actually meet Louis from 24 or my now-stylist at one. This dream house party was more of an amalgamation of whatever my long-term memory could pull from in the eight hours my eyes were shut. Fantastic dream.



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