I really started getting serious about writing four years ago. I turned 26 and realized that if I wasn’t going to go any further in college than I already had, then I owed it to something that I knew I could actually do and really start pounding at it. And not just because I can kind of do it. Because I can really do it. And well.

In the last two or so weeks, I’ve been scrounging the internet for more of a sense of community. While at the dayjob, primarily. It’s because at the dayjob I’m on a desktop and it’s easier to sit at a near-right angle and organize thoughts and methods. Who really knows why. It probably has to do with blood flow.

Craig’s List is good, I go on there a lot. I check out the writing gigs in LA and Phoenix, of which there are always a few. They tend to get snapped up pretty quick, as I’ve realized this a hard way: the original poster dumps the ad as soon as they find a viable taker. Lots of people from LA with money to spend on a writer act fast, as well they should. It does help that I’m in their same time zone. Or so I tell myself that.

Query letters are crucial. A well-worded one is like Kate Upton in that Terry Richardson video he dropped back on May 1st this year. Every available eye will flock to it.

This is going to be a busy writing week. I had planned to make a three-hour nap as the cornerstone of having today off, but it only lasted 45 minutes. A result of an overactive imagination, and I blame myself for not writing right when I got up this morning. Instead, I watched two movies and ate an awful brunch. So tonight I’ll be tuning up a screenplay that will get some decent coverage this week, and I’d sure like to finish at least five more flash fiction stories by the time Saturday rolls around. I’ve formulated a plan with those flash fiction stories, and I’m very motivated to bring the idea to fruition.

An old compatriot I went to college with reached out to me. He’s back in the Phoenix area after bouncing around the country for a decade. We’ll probably go get drinks sometime this weekend. It’ll be really good to see him, he always had a great sense of humor. I do wonder if he’s kind of the same person. I know I’m definitely not the same person I was a fucking decade ago. Holy shit. has writing groups in each region of the Valley. I’ve linked up to them a few times in 2012, but my schedule was never nice enough to be able to get enough free time to go to one. I was really thinking about heading to one in the West Valley on Saturday, but that might be a somewhat foolhardy effort since I’m moving to the East Valley sometime in the next two months. Once I’m stationed there, I’d never drive over there. To Avondale, where they have it. Yuck, that’s a long drive. For someone in the East Valley, the only reasons to drive over to Avondale would be to buy a car with less taxes, or visit someone they knew. Avondale, fuck.

Tonight, I’m tuning up that screenplay. Maybe adding a few ideas to flush out a plotline. I’d love to be in bed by midnight. See how it goes. I’m not tuning on the TV until the 4th quarter of the Celtics/Heat game, which would be in about an hour and a half or so. Very glad I started this writing journal. I can see this keeping me a little more organized and focused than I have been.



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