I’ll Be Starting This Now

I’m a writer, and I’ll write until I die. Hopefully even after that.

If you’ve arrived here for whatever reason, I’m happy that you have. This site exists because I have found that through years of being a professional writer, a record of non-creative thoughts must also be kept in some respect for someone that does what I do. And if you’re a writer too, does what we do.

So yeah, it’ll be pretty self-serving here. You can expect–well, I really don’t give a shit really what you expect. It’s about writing, and it’s about what experiences I have had, are having, and will have had with writing. Sure, that last one sounds like I can’t fucking speak, but it’s correct. Moving on.

I’ve had other online blogs in the past, and for different reasons. Sure, they’ll be mentioned down the road if necessary. Here, as it’s the first post, not so much.

I’m Drew, 30 years old. Five feature-length screenplays, countless short stories and flash fiction (which I’m really getting into at the moment), and about two decades of correcting others truly abhorrent grammar and spelling.

Yeah, flash fiction is juicy right now. It used to be just an exercise, but now I think it could be a means to an end. Both creative and financially. It’s really challenging to tell a well-told story with brevity…and clarity, too, for that matter. Kind of like how Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies end up: one single vision, barely any fat. Yeah, I like that: get in, ejaculate, get out. Oh no, he’s dropping sexual innuendos already. Fuck your being offended, go back to Facebook and drain your remaining brain cells on other people’s idiocy and baby photos.

I write a lot, every day if I can. It helps me sleep. 1500 words a day if I have the druthers at night that I have that same morning. There’s a Twitter feed I use every day too, mostly for silliness, sometimes for serious stuff too: www.twitter.com/drewisawriter.

Like I said, this site is about writing and where it takes me. Glad to have you, it’s best you leave your inhibitions and expectations elsewhere.



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